In the statement below the “forms being referred to are the  Volunteer Sign up and Request forms and can be found at:

  1. https://maldenneighbors.org/offer-help/
  2. https://maldenneighbors.org/request-help/


These forms have been created to support people in need of community support and resources in response to COVID-19 and volunteers willing to respond to that need.

Your full responses will be visible to the group coordinators and we may add more coordinators if the need grows (as a group, that’s who we mean by “we” or “us”). Your responses will also be visible to interpreters or translators, if needed. 

We’re not an officially incorporated organization, just neighbors hoping to help. The information you share with us (through the form or through other mechanisms such as email, text, Facebook Messenger, or phone calls) will be used to coordinate responses to community needs. To do that, we’ll need to share your information, including contact information with the organizers and volunteers working with Malden Neighbors Helping Neighbors. We may also share it with other people or organizations – the situation is changing and we need to be flexible to make this work (e.g., coordinating with or handing off support to other organizations such as Bread of Life or ABCD). 

Because of these logistics, we can’t promise the information you share will be absolutely secure or protected – we use regular computers and online services to coordinate with our volunteers and those in need. We are not expected to be HIPAA compliant. We promise to be respectful of your information and use it with discretion. 

We assume and expect that everyone filling out the form or sharing information with us is doing this for themselves. If you’re filling out the form or sharing information for someone else, you have to be responsible for having whatever authority is needed to do so. 

There are a few other things that are important for you to understand and agree with to make this work: 

We are not medical professionals or public health experts. The information we provide has been sourced from dependable places, such as the CDC and city and state websites, and where necessary restated in plain language we believe will be helpful. If there is any conflict between information you get from us and a medical provider, believe the professional. (Also please let us know so we can correct it in the information we share!)

To those wanting to help – your participation is at your own risk. What you do and how you do it has to be your choice. We cannot tell you what is or isn’t safe, so you are responsible for your participation and anything that happens as a result of your participation. Please follow all safety protocols suggested by official authorities (such as the CDC) while volunteering to reduce your risk. 

To those asking for help – we are working hard, but we cannot promise to meet your requests. Volunteers are members of the community who have reached out to us and offered to help. We do not know them personally, do any kind of background checks on them, or put them through official training. Your participation is at your own risk.

If you have concerns about this, please do not participate. There are other ways to help and to find help, and we’re happy to try to connect you with other organizations and resources. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at malden-community-support—covid-19@googlegroups.com.

When you share information with us or participate by helping or receiving help, you are agreeing that you understand the above information and that we can use your information as described. You also are agreeing that you (and anyone on your behalf) release us from any liability and will not sue us for anything that happens (or doesn’t happen) as a result of this effort to connect our community and help those in need. We are doing the best we can,  and there is a lot of need right now that can’t wait. An essential part of participating is that you understand and agree that we can help make connections, but you are participating at your own risk and we are not responsible for what any participant does or doesn’t do.