Sunday 3/29 Update

Good evening, Maldonians. It’s us, your friendly neighborhood Admins. We have had so many volunteers raise their hands. While you’re waiting for your on-boarding call or for a match with a neighbor in need, here are 3 ways you can take action right now to make a difference in this fight:

ACTION ITEM 1: Contact Your Representatives

No matter what your political affiliation, one of the best and easiest ways you can help your neighbors in need is by checking out legislation currently in the Massachusetts State Legislature responding to the COVID-19 crisis, and urging your representatives to vote in favor of the actions you support.

Overwhelming support by constituents will encourage our representatives to urge the house and senate to pass the legislation, so relief can be provided quickly. Take Action Network makes it VERY easy to review the legislation and reach out to all of your representatives at once via a form on their website: 

ACTION ITEM 2: Help Keep us on Topic

Our Facebook group keeps growing and we have noticed as posts come pouring in that many of them are on a wide array of topics. We would like to encourage everyone to keep posts in this group focused on the COVID-19 response, but want to let you know about other Malden-Based Facebook Groups you should also check out!

Find free items or offer items to your neighbors for free:

Town Information and Discussion:

ACTION ITEM 3: See, Click, Fix

Did you know the City of Malden has a website that lets you report issues you’re seeing around your home or around the city? The absolute easiest and best way to report issues is use the See, Click, Fix website:

Issues entered into this system are regularly reviewed and triaged, so if you’re seeing or experiencing issues with your water, the street, park, trash, or sidewalks, make sure to reach out at